SECLUSION – SEC017 – July 7th, 2023
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Detroit based DJ and Producer THE AM/AMX announces the release of her next EP ‘TECHNO FREEK‘ on July 7th, 2023

Techno Freak : Fantasy story telling through cover art, classic techno beats, and vocals.
The fem character called “Techno Freek” pictured in an apocalyptic city scene is a shy yet destructive girl who has become taken over by her obsession with techno and the darkness of living in a dystopian city. The vocals featured in the tracks “Techno Freek” and “Closer” is actually the fem character speaking to the listener. This gives the listener an opportunity to go deeper inside of the music as they listen. The AMX track “Let Me See You” is an alter-ego of The AM. AMX tracks are typically more of an electro/ghetto tech vibe in the 150’s. Much more playful with vocals and up beat.

Based in south of France “Seclusion” was launched early 2021 by Elyas. Oriented towards raw techno and turned to the USA, the label has been directly connected to the Detroit scene with signatures from Blaktony, Dj T1000, Thomas Barnett or Mark Flash. With old school sounds ranging from tribal to ghetto, the label now has 16 releases. With the presence of DJ Shufflemaster, DJ Deeon, Samuel L Session, Geto Mark… Berlin / Detroit connection is the basis of everything, maintaining the link is the label’s guideline. Respect for the elders and looking to the future.

All tracks written & produced by The AM (Ann Marie Teasley)
“Closer” written & produced by The AM & Trackmasta Lou.
All mixing & mastering powered by AUX88.
SEC017 – All rights reserved
2023 – Seclusion



Picture of THE AMX

Ann-Marie Teasley, known as The AM, and most recently AMX is connecting the dots between the past, present, and future of the Detroit sound. As an affiliate of the SCAN7 collective, she is translating the futuristic musical ideas of back then into the present, as one of Detroit’s most exciting new producers. The raver turned techno upstart made her entrance as a guest DJ on NTS radio, and throughout parties in Detroit and NYC before dropping her debut EP on Berlin’s Tresor label last year. The Detroit native also released a second EP on the Dutch imprint Deeptrax Records. In Oct 2022, her first single under the monicker AMX was released on the latest Haus of Altr compilation featuring various black electronic music producers. As a part of Tresor’s 31st anniversary/festival line-up 2022 and the anniversary line-up for 2023, The AM will also be a featured artist on Tresor’s next collaborative EP set for Sept 2023. You can find earlier collaborative works including The AM under the moniker “HLX-1.” Whose tracks are known for boundary pushing lyrics and classic Detroit spirit.